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I was born in Bulgaria and I came to live in Spain when I was five with my parents. Emigrate when you are a kid predetermines without wanting and noticing the way you are going to percieve the world when you grow up. Facing new challenges, places and people becomes part of your DNA. Growing with a different culture outside your home than the one you have in your home, is also a big challenge where you realize your real home is yourself, a place where you let in all those things that fit with who you are and with who you want to be. I’ve grown up with all the inputs of the places I’ve lived in and the people I’ve met, having always my eastern roots alive. I was on the stage for the first time when I was eight, and that feeling made me keep moving in that direction. I was studying Drama in Barcelona at the same time I was doing Advertisement and Public Relations in University and these both ways helped me achieve through constantly searching and creating, the skills and tools that helped me to be the artist I am nowadays.

My passion for acting has been always my right hand, both audiovisual and theater. I think what made me feel attached to this profession is the possibility to be all the things you want to be, it’s like living lots of lifes in one, and this is equally amazing as it is exciting. For me, it’s also a place where I can freely experiment the unknown and the subtle, something I feel very attracted to as an artist. I’ve never liked to stick into one thing, that’s why I’ve always expanded my artistic vision through other disciplines I feel passioned about such as music, fashion, film and photography. Being in front of and behind  the camera for me it’s a complete way of living an idea, a project or a feeling from different perspectives, and that is a huge enriching way to grow as an artist and as a person. I feel very grateful for the journey of the projects I’ve been part of (which you can find more specifically in this website) and also for the recognition I’ve recieved during them, some of them such as being as the only Spanish actress selected for the Berlinale Talents Programm 2019 or nominated as Best Upcoming Actress for the role of “Jess” in Cost of Living by Martyna Majok at the Theater Awards in Barcelona 2023. I’ve been moving between Spain and London during many years, and now I’m expanding my artistic horizons in the USA.

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